Head of People needs to be one of your first 10 hires

In the startup world, you hear a lot of talk about your first ten hires. Your first ten hires will, in all likelihood, end up being your leadership team as you scale. They’ll get the most equity (roughly one point each) and play the biggest role in growing the business. The logical takeaway then is

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I made $22 in Amazon Affiliates on a >$7K investment

It’s one of the most accessible paths to entrepreneurship, a darling of r/JustStart, and has made people like Spencer at Niche Pursuits into millionaires. It’s also a business model that you can skip as you start your entrepreneurial journey. I’m talking about, of course, Amazon Affiliate Marketing. Consider this my Amazon Affiliate Review My goal

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I made nearly $10K dropshipping but think it’s a horrible business

Dropshipping is all the rage online. You’ve probably seen articles or stories about it before. Hell, even Tim Ferriss talks about it in Four Hour Work Week as an excellent way to set up a ‘Muse’ business. Unfortunately, the reality is dropshipping is a horrible business. The business model is incredibly simple, and theoretically extremely profitable. Here’s

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My Business Plan

My Actual Business Plan

This article will outline, in a ton of detail, the exact plan I’ll follow to launch my business. I also promise that I’ll return to this article periodically to highlight where the plan worked, where it didn’t, what software I used and didn’t end up using, and if I came in above or below budget.

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Why my fiancee and I heavily invest in real estate

Why real estate investing is the best long-term wealth strategy “Real estate cannot be lost or stolen, nor can it be carried away. Purchased with common sense, paid for in full, and managed with reasonable care, it is about the safest investment in the world.” One of the wise words ever said by Franklin D.

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How to get Work on Upwork with No Experience

Freelancing has transformed from being viewed as a way of being lazy or not trying to put in the effort of a 9-5 job to being viewed as a smart way of working. You choose your clients, you control your time, you even control your earnings. With this knowledge, many have turned towards freelancing. According

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How to test a business idea: My strategy I tell clients

How to Test a Business Idea   Here’s a horrifying statistic – 80-90% of new business startups fail. Entrepreneurs are everywhere (especially in this digital age, where the idea economy has emerged with staggering prevalence), and everyone wants to turn their aspirations into real, functional, profitable realities.   When you ask yourself how you’re going

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How to make money with Upwork

How to make money on UpWork ($50K) in six months

If you’re reading this article, then you are curious about how to make money on UpWork. My goal here is to share with you everything you need to know to make significant money, all on the side. I’ll include the exact messaging templates I use and the tricks I found to win me clients. These

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