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How I made $174K in a year by consulting (all on the side)

Cover photo is amount made by month Let’s start by setting the ground rules for this post. I’m not going to sell you a bullshit course at the end, or at any point in this post. I’m not going to sugar coat things. I’m not going to give you a step-by-step guide to setting up

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How to get Work on Upwork with No Experience

Freelancing has transformed from being viewed as a way of being lazy or not trying to put in the effort of a 9-5 job to being viewed as a smart way of working. You choose your clients, you control your time, you even control your earnings. With this knowledge, many have turned towards freelancing. According

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How to make money with Upwork

How to make money on UpWork ($50K) in six months

If you’re reading this article, then you are curious about how to make money on UpWork. My goal here is to share with you everything you need to know to make significant money, all on the side. I’ll include the exact messaging templates I use and the tricks I found to win me clients. These

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How to Sell Consulting Services

Let’s be frank. Everyone loves to shit on consultants.     Consulting can be quite a profitable industry – the annual salary for an average consultant is $79,536, although the pay range is usually between $53,000 and $119,000. Think of it as a variant of freelancing – it’s a self-starting, people-driven industry that caters to

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How to get Health Insurance as an Entrepreneur

Starting a business is how you gain freedom in the world. It’s why I’m doing my case study on how to make $10,000 a day passive by 30. Going down the entrepreneurial path is absolutely the path for me and the five million entrepreneurs in the US. While entrepreneurship is the path to freedom, there

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Easy jobs on UpWork to get started with

Upwork, as we all know, is an online global platform for freelancers who have the opportunity to connect with professionals, small business owners, or anyone who needs their service. The best thing about this freelance market space is that you get to work from home with nothing less than your computer or whatever device you

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How to Change UpWork Hourly Rate

Upwork is an extremely useful tool to begin your freelancing career. As the gig economy (or freelancing economy – whichever you’d like to call it) grows, it’s really important to keep websites with such a large client base on your radar – after all, Upwork has been named the 3rd best freelance website by TechRadar,

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