Thanks so much for visiting our site! Right off the bat, let’s get one thing out of the way. My name is NOT Dean Woods. It’s a pen name, a fake name, that I’m currently writing under. I don’t really want to be writing under a fake name, but that’s part of the bigger problem here. I followed the rules…. I’m from the east coast and I’ve followed the rules my whole life. I worked hard when I was young because my parents told me I wouldn’t get into a good high school if I didn’t. I didn’t know what a good high school was, and I didn’t know that high school was something you could go to regardless of your grades. Then in high school, I worked hard to get good grades in order to get into a good college. That worked, as I was able to ignore undergrad and go straight to business school. I graduated Wharton, ranked the #1 business school in the world, with honors. I graduated and got a job at one of the most prestigious companies in the world. I made $100K in my first year out of school. I was working for CEOs. It the exact job that my high school girlfriend told me “didn’t exist” and that everyone had to “work their way up.” In practice, I had skipped a few rungs of the ladder. I was 20 years younger than all of clients. Life seemingly was great ….but it left me with little But here’s the thing: it sounds great, but really wasn’t. For example, I lived out of a suitcase four days a week. I worked ungodly hours, spent even more time in traffic going too and for the airport, and subsisted on fried food at some of my more rural clients. The money sounds great, but it actually wasn’t. After a few yeas of consulting, I had $20K to my name. This wasn’t because I spent a lot of money. In fact, I didn’t spent much at all. Between taxes, and rent (consulting paid me well, but required I lived in a high cost city), I have very little left.

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