Easy jobs on UpWork to get started with

Upwork, as we all know, is an online global platform for freelancers who have the opportunity to connect with professionals, small business owners, or anyone who needs their service. The best thing about this freelance market space is that you get to work from home with nothing less than your computer or whatever device you use. You can get a job in your field of skill and interest, or you can just acquire the skill and get the job anyway!

Making money from the comfort of your home is not only awesome; it’s convenient and easy to do with Upwork. Looking into getting jobs on Upwork, this post will be about getting the easy jobs on the platform.

There are plenty of great Upwork jobs for beginners, and the most important thing is knowing how to find them. Finding a job may be difficult as a beginner because Upwork just as much as it has its upsides, it also has some unfair advantages, but do not be discouraged, we got you covered.

Reasons why it’s difficult for new freelancers to get jobs on UpWork

Immediately after posting a job, clients see the ‘top 10 recommended freelancers’ by Upwork’s algorithm. The problem is that this algorithm is flawed and rarely shows the right freelancers. It just takes ‘one of the’ keywords and matches the jobs right away, and this can be bad for the freelancers that are actually qualified for the job.

Even worse, invited freelancers don’t have to write a cover letter; they can directly message the clients. Messaging is a very powerful weapon as it immediately lets freelancers start a conversation. While you are busy writing a pitch, these freelancers are already selling the client

With that in mind, many new freelancers complain that UpWork is a difficult and competitive platform to get started on.

It can be, but I made $5,000 in my first month doing UpWork part-time. I tell you that to illustrate that there are easy jobs on  UpWork and you can get work as a newbie.

What kind of work can you find at Upwork?

Upwork is all about freelancing work, so it revolves around specific categories that are mostly specialized positions but temporary or part-time. The following are some easy jobs you can find at Upwork:

Photography/editing, Video Production, Web design, SEO, Marketing, Social media managing, Graphic design, Programming, Software development, Literature/editing/writing, Copywriting, Content Strategy, Advertising, Teaching, Translating, Voiceovers, Art direction, Music and more.

Think of it this way: these are jobs that companies need done sometimes but not all the time.

For example, a smaller company might not have enough voiceover work that they need a full-time voiceover person on staff. So, they go to UpWork and hire someone once a quarter to do the voiceover work that they do need to be done.

Reasons to Apply For Easy Jobs on Upwork

There are a lot of jobs on UpWork, and many “easy” jobs are also the lower-paid jobs on the platform. For that reason, many people believe you shouldn’t apply for easier jobs.

I disagree with this logic. In fact, I think easier jobs are a much better financial decision. Here’s why:

Applying for jobs on Upwork Costs Money

Applying for work on Upwork costs money. They use a system called “Connects” that acts as a digital token. Applying for a job costs “Connects.”

An easy job may only cost two “Connects” to apply for. Connects are based on how long it takes for a job to be completed. Since easier jobs can be completed in less than a month, they’re typically two Connects. Jobs that take 6+ months are often six Connects to apply for.

Since a Connect costs $0.15, an easy job can cost $0.30 to apply for.

However, harder jobs that are six connects can cost $0.75 to apply for.

This  doesn’t seem like much since the overall price point is under a dollar. But look at the cost to secure a job breakdown.


Don’t waste your connects on difficult jobs that require experienced freelancers; apply to easy jobs; it’s a plus.

Easy jobs allow you to build  job history and feedback

Use Upwork to build your profile, improve your portfolio, get feedback, and have a work history; clients usually take note of your job history when they are hiring. I know that when I hire on UpWork, I always check someone’s job history first before hiring them.

Clients look at what others have to say about you, how you have been rated and how you communicate, and what similar jobs you’ve done in relation to their job posting. I’m looking for any sign that says a freelancer isn’t easy to work with. After all, I’m hiring freelancers so they are easier to manage.

Easy jobs don’t necessarily require job history from clients, but they are good for clients to see and have a feel of other client’s experience working with you.

Easy jobs allow UpWork to be a side hustle for you

My guess is that at least 50% of the people who use UpWork do it for a side hustle. You can easily make a thousand dollars a week or so on UpWork, strictly putting inside hustle hours.

When side hustling, you want something that will pay you well but is easy to do. The last thing you want is the side hustle to be difficult to the point it starts to interfere with your day job.

I always will recommend people start with the easier jobs on Upwork to figure out how to freelance as a side hustle while making money in a day job.

How to find the easiest  jobs on Upwork

There are a couple tricks to find jobs that are extremely easy. If you look for these on the platform, it can be helpful to figure out what the easiest things to do are.

Low priced gigs

Even though it is not always the case, it’s important to note that most of the easy jobs are low paying gigs, but remember you have to start small before you start reeling in the big fish.

Time Consuming To The Client

These easy jobs are usually a result of clients wanting to work on their business, not in their business, and so the tasks given as easy jobs are usually repetitive. Think of this as straightforward, but time-consuming.

Writing blog posts is a good example. They are straightforward (e.g: write a post), but it takes a long time to do.

Highly Competitive

Because easy jobs are a quick and easy way to make money, it’s highly competitive and requires you to be quick in applying for them because their applications can pile up fast. Look for gigs that show lots of applicants.

One Time Project

Since these jobs are easy, they don’t have any longevity in them unless the tasks are repetitive and time-consuming. So they’re usually one time projects. Look for projects that show they are only “One Time” gigs.

“No-Brainer” Jobs

These are jobs that are very simple to do or to understand; they usually require little to no experience and usually do not require a lot of mental resources to accomplish. Some of these jobs include data entry, designing thumbnails in Canva, downloading YouTube videos, etc. Once you have basic knowledge of these jobs, you’re good to go.

Location-Based Jobs

Some jobs posted on Upwork require you to be in a particular location. This makes it easy because it is location wise and most likely reduces the competition, increasing your chances of getting hired, and making that money. For example, if you are in Charleston South Carolina and someone requests a “local hire” from Charleston, then the odds are in your favor you’ll get that gig and it’ll be easy.

Language Related Jobs

Translation of language is one of the easiest jobs on Upwork, especially if bilingual or know more than two languages. Translation is a valuable skill that can make you money on the platform and the ability to translate content from one language accurately. There are not a lot of freelancers in this field, so it’s not really competitive to easily get hired, hence why we classify it as an easy job.

Web and App Testing Jobs

As you logged on to look at jobs on Upwork, you either have a smartphone or computer (laptop) that runs an operating system. Website and applications testing jobs are frequent; all you have to do is install and test an app functionality, a very easy and quick way to make money.


Resources Based Jobs

Some clients request freelancers that have specific computer hardware, software, or internet speed to do a quick task on their behalf. If you have the required resources they need and you know how to perform the required task provided, you can easily get hired without having to face any form of competition.

Some examples of specific jobs you can start with as a beginner

1.   Creative writing

Creative writing can be a good place to start as a beginner, as long as you stick to small, simple jobs. Since creative writing has to do with using your imagination and not necessarily your experience, you can take it up as a beginner’s job, and in cases where you have to write really short stories, depending on how fast you are, you could be making money by the hour.

2.   Transcription

This is when you take an audio (or video) recording and turn it into text. All you have to do is listen carefully to what you hear from the audio or video and then put them in words—quick and easy way to make money as a beginner.

As a bonus tip, you can use software to do this for you and then you can just proof-read those transcripts before sending it to your client.

3.   Email copywriting

Recently, most businesses have email lists — lists of email addresses belonging to people who’ve bought something from them in the past, and/or people they hope will buy something from them in the future. It could be an email for announcing sales or some promotion, an educational or helpful email, a newsletter, or anything related to this line of work is the job of an email copywriter. It is easy and will be best enjoyed when you pay attention to the appropriate details given to you before going in with it.

4.   Explainer video scriptwriter

An explainer video is a short, animated video that explains how something works. An explainer video can be used to explain a bunch of information in the form of doodles that tries to enlighten the viewer on a particular thing.

Explainer videos are made every day, and they all need a writer to write the script before they can produce the video. You can get hired to write for these videos; they can be easy to do and are extremely profitable. They usually don’t require that much writing, so it’s an ideal choice for Upwork beginners.

5.   Blog/article writing

This is fast and applies to a growing number of businesses today. Businesses are beginning to have their own blogs where they talk about and explain products or services to customers. Unlike personal blogs, company blogs use blog posts to inform and educate their customers and potential customers with the motive of increasing sales and improving company recognition.

6.   Proofreading

Proofreading is easy. You read a sentence and look for any errors in the sentences, and then flag those errors to the customer.


7.   Miscellaneous tasks

Upwork jobs can be a great opportunity for beginners. Some clients may need you to help with getting a quick work done e.g. rewriting a previous speech that wasn’t so great. These tasks usually don’t require any form of qualification or special education to get done.

Upwork Tips: How to Make Money on Upwork

Knowing the right tips and strategies on how to make money on Upwork, is useful to help you up to your business game as well as improve yourself. The following are tips on making money on Upwork:

Focus on One Skill

You know how the saying goes, jack of all trades, master of none? This will come in handy when applying for jobs. Note that we didn’t say focus on one type of job, the skill you’re most good at should be made a priority and mastered before you try to branch out and try different kinds of jobs.

It is a lot easier to find well-paying online jobs in your area of expertise and have reviews to prove that. This might seem like you are getting fewer job offers, but in the long-run, you will profit from being an expert at what you do.

Set up a Professional Profile

Create an outstanding profile that is on point, convincing, and accurate to fit employers’ ideal find. You can put in your employment history or resumé; this makes the clients feel comfortable and more likely to reach out to you, but be careful not to forge or lie about any information as this can backfire and cause problems for your business.

Use a common yet specific job title that allows you to be easily found when a client is searching for freelancers, and this description should be very precise because it is where a lot of people get it wrong, It is where most people fail.

Don’t focus on only your skills and experiences but also on how you can help your potential clients or employers solving their problems. This encourages them to reach out because they know you have their best of mind in interest, and you will do the best you can to help them solve their issues.

Also, Upwork now offers the function to create different profiles based on your different skills.

Start small

Good reviews first are better than getting big jobs; they build your credibility. As much as you don’t want to settle for peanuts when you start working as a freelancer, it’s important you start small and build up from there.

Just like starting any small business, good reviews are essential because they bring you more clients and possible referrals. Before you can be assigned any big deal, you have to prove you’re legit. You need to start small. Start with short and low-paying jobs, do a great job, and get good reviews. This will help in the long run.

Individual proposals

This is the most important thing you have to do: Write individual proposals, personalized proposals that will meet your clients’ needs. In these proposals:

  • Explain that you understand the job description given (take time out to go through and understand job descriptions before sending out proposals to clients)
  • Talk about the ways you can help complete tasks given
  • Methods you can apply that will give you the best result (make sure this focuses more on how you can help the client rather than your skills)
  • Attach files of previous works you have done
  • Ask questions if necessary when given a task.

A good proposal will get the client to contact you. Make sure to look for a hidden word.


Be Quick

There are a lot of freelancers on Upwork who are waiting for a new job offer to pop up; you should be quick when it comes to sending out proposals to clients. There’s usually a limited number of proposals you can send out per month, so don’t waste your time with jobs that have been posted weeks ago, watch out for those job offers that pop up and take advantage of it.

Check out how many proposals a job got, how many people are interviewing, and how many are hired, you might feel discouraged if you see someone else was hired but don’t be. You never know, the client is not happy with the result, or your proposal is that great that the client might consider you for another job.

Follow up

If you send your proposal and get no feedback, you could write a follow-up, asking if anything was unclear or if you could help with anything else. You can also send follow-ups to clients that you have already worked with. Maybe they have a new job that needs to be done. But don’t send out more than one follow up.

Remember, don’t come across too pushy, be friendly but professional, it will show that you are truly interested in the job.

Go beyond Your Tasks

After getting the job, be sure to deliver a great result. A happy client might give you more work in the future, refer you and, almost as important, leave a great review. And that’s what you need to get more jobs. Do your best for every task given and avoid any bad reviews because that will be bad for your business.


To avoid the disputes between you and your client, discuss everything, ask questions, and make sure you get the task entirely. Repeat what you understand and get confirmation when necessary. If anything is unclear, either at the beginning or during your job, ask!

Clients won’t be mad at you for asking essential questions, but they will be annoyed when the finished work is not what they expected.

Go for Bigger Projects

As soon as you have a few good reviews, you can start raising your rates and go for bigger jobs. Don’t waste time applying for small jobs if you are at a stage where you can do bigger ones.

The more short-term jobs you do, the more fees you have to pay.


Things to avoid on Upwork

Sometimes, when we’re trying to find jobs, we tend to overlook certain things and not realize it’s effects or consequences over time. The following are some things to avoid on Upwork:

Avoid Bad Clients

As desperate, you may be to get a job; it’s essential to avoid bad clients. Take note of clients that have no history and no verified payment method; in most cases, nothing good comes out of that, so don’t even waste time on it.

Also, look out for reviews, freelancers can rate clients too, be sure that you check their ratings before you accept an offer. Bad reviews can mean they are hard to satisfy or just overall hard to work with, save your time, and don’t apply.

Do Not Work for Free

There may be clients who will ask you for a free trial, time is money, and we encourage you to ignore this and don’t do it. Starting work on Upwork can be difficult at first because job payments will probably be low, too, but working for free is not an option.

Know that working for free is against Upwork’s rules, and most of these clients who are asking for free work will most likely not hire you, even if you did a great job. They are most likely looking for cheap or free labor, do not all for that.

Don’t Wait too Long to Start Working on Bigger Projects

Once you put in all the effort in starting small and you start getting in those good reviews, it’s time to start looking for bigger projects. Start by increasing your hourly rates or make your fixed prices higher. The humble beginnings have helped you gain more experience and even skills, which means you can deliver better quality than usual.

Wrap up

Getting a job as a beginner on Upwork can be tough, but nonetheless, it’s not impossible. One of the critical things to remember is you need those good reviews to get those clients and make that money.

Some of the things to look out for when getting jobs are to start small, focus on skill, be professional in sending out those proposals, following clients, and communicating this helps solidify your hiring chances with clients. No matter how desperate you are to get a job, do not work for free, by all means, avoid bad clients, and don’t be afraid to up your payment game when you’ve upgraded to the level where it is deserved.

We also learned that Upwork connects you with clients, and you can make easy and quick money on it as well as improve your work history and get feedback. For beginners, there are a bunch of easy jobs you can start with that will help boost your professional profile; these jobs are simple and usually don’t require any level of qualifications.

Don’t be afraid to step out of your known skills into other fields when trying to get easy jobs, easy jobs are usually accessible but can be competitive so be quick and do a good job when you’re hired. You need those good reviews

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