Only successful people talk with Uber Drivers

Learning from others is one of the best ways to grow as a person

We know the value of talking to other people. It’s kind of a no brainer that talking with someone else is a great way to learn, especially if that person is different than you. Sam Altman, the likely California billionaire running Y Combinator understood that when he went to talk to Trump supporters after the 2016 election. He didn’t understand, and wanted to learn in order to grow as a person. Personal development is key; it’s why our first post talked about it.

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  • Can provide a window into the world of entrepreneurship
  • Are at the forefront of an incredible change to the world
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Access to an incredible amount of information

Uber drivers are the new bartenders: they know everything. Think about it: they can see trends to where people go, and can listen to dozens of conversations a day between riders. Hell, I’m sure more than a few couples have broken up in the back of an Uber. It’s difficult to understate exactly how much a sharp driver can pick up.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

The cool thing is that an Uber driver is effectively an entrepreneur. No, they aren’t this piece of shit. But, they do join a competitive market, by themselves, in an attempt to create a profitable endeavor. The best are entrepreneurs: they know exactly work for themselves and are quite successful at it.

  • Found ways to research likely attendance (Stubhub & concerts in other cities)
  • Weighed upside (concert selling out and likely more rides) with downside risk (concert had more ‘boom or bust’ possibility)

Forefront of incredible change: self driving cars

What have been the inventions that change the course of the history of the world? Some that come to mind include:

  • Cuneiform
  • Ship Sails
  • The Printing press
  • The Steam Engine
  • The Internet (although those who know me would know I’d actually argue for the GPS system instead…Pinpoint is a great book)

So what to talk to an Uber driver about?

Okay, so you’ve decided to give talking with your Uber driver a shot! Congrats!! You can do it!! So, what do you talk about? Honestly, the best place to start is with whatever you find interesting. Talk about topics you are familiar with, and have an opinion on.

Pass the Uber Test

This whole article started by sharing a story of some couple that was standing in line ahead of me. They failed the ‘Uber test’. Is it an official test? Nope! But if I were a betting man, I’d wager neither of them will have a very successful life if they don’t take the opportunity to learn from others.

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