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One thing I’ve learned in my journey to start and make $10,000 a day passively by my 30th birthday is that it takes a significant amount of trial and error.

Some of these business models work. Some of them don’t really work. Some of them work only if you devote substantially more resources to them than I ever wanted to.

But more than just the businesses, there are other things that really matter if you want to reach success in business and in life.

Here’s everything I’ve learned about starting businesses and making money over the past few years


Side Hustling to Make Money

If you want to make money, especially passive money, you’ll probably start with side hustles. Here are the results of me trying different side hustles, what I’ve learned, where I made money, and where I didn’t.


  • A detailed look at how dropshipping actually works and the economics don’t work
  • Why I stopped dropshipping despite selling $10,000 worth of goods in the first month AND recommend you don’t start

Kindle eBooks

  • What Kindle  eBook guru’s don’t tell you (hint: approximately 250 books)
  • My total income from eBooks was XXX and that’s on an investment of YYY. A post mortem

Affiliate Marketing

  • What Amazon affiliate marketing guru’s don’t tell you (hint: approximately ~300 hours of work or $3K + 12 months of time)
  • Why affiliate income can let you buy real estate (hint: $1 is really $150 dollars)
  • My total income from Amazon affiliate was XXX and that’s on an investment of YYY. A post-mortem
  • Why I use affiliate links still on $10K

Freelancing on UpWok

  • Why I think freelancing is the best strategy for someone to make money as a side hustle
  • How I made $5K in my first month and $50K in my first six months freelancing
  • How to write to fill out your UpWork profile
  • How to find work on UpWork when you don’t have any reviews
  • How to change your hourly rate on UpWork and why you should
  • My process to pitch on UpWork and the exact script when pitching on work on UpWork
  • The life things you never really think about until you’re in the thick of it: how to find health insurance when freelancing


  • Why you should upgrade from “freelancing” to consulting
Finding Clients
  • The best ways to find prospective clients
  • How to get a prospect on the phone and why you should
  • How to sell once you have a potential client on the phone
  • How to follow up to ensure the deal goes through
Delivering great work
  • Set yourself up for success by defining what good looks like
  • Limit communication time
  • Why and how you should outsource some of your consulting work
Scaling Consulting
  • How I made $100K consulting in my first year, all on the side
  • Why all entrepreneurs should start as consultants first
  • Why I think I  can make $1,000,000 consulting, and why I don’t want to do so

How to balance a side hustle with a job

  • How to stay sane when you have multiple projects running at once

Starting a legit business to make $10,000 a day passively

If you’ve side hustled in the past, learned a lot, and are ready to try taking the full plunge to entrepreneurship, then this is the section for you.

Starting a business

  • Your goal should NOT be to launch the next Airbnb & Uber
  • Three different strategies to get initial customer feedback and which one is the best
  • When it’s time to abandon an idea and when it’s time to go forward with an idea
  • My complete process to start a business

Launching a business

  • How to launch a business (tools, process, and more)
  • Growing to your first 100 customers

Scaling your business

  • Why you need SOP’s (coming soon)
  • How to write SOP’s (coming soon)
  • How to hire freelancers (coming soon)
  • How to hire agencies (coming soon)
  • How to make $10,000 a day and work <1 hour (coming when I turn 30)

How to buy a business

  • Where to find businesses for sale
  • How to evaluate a business
  • How to improve a business-post acquisition

Real Estate Investing

It doesn’t matter when you do it, but if you want to make money, then you need to invest in real estate.

  • How to get started in real estate investing
  • Why my fiancee and I put all our money into real estate
  • Whether or not you should buy houses out of state
  • How to get to know a real estate market
  • A detailed analysis on why “house hacking” does not make sense in most markets
  • Our process (from property identification to setting up an LLC email address to closing) to buying a house
  • Our strategy to buy a property with less money down
  • How to hire and manage property manager
  • How we manage our real estate portfolio

Self Improvement

You could read every other article on this page, and do them all right, but you still won’t reach your goal without the right mindset, right diet, and right sleep. Your body and your will to improve will always matter

  • How to build a reading tracker I use to read 75 books a year
  • Why you should write goals down every morning and what I learned after doing it for three years
  • How I consistently wake up early in the morning
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