The $0-$10K/Day Case Study: Day 130

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Day 130


Right off the bat, I apologize. It’s been more than a week since I’ve written this post.

There are a couple of excuses I could make regarding life changes and other similar impacts. I could also tell you it’s been a busy week.

But, that’s also creating bullshit excuses and not really how I want to do things. So fuck the excuses.

One thing I’ve realized over the years is that’s it’s really easy to make excuses. There are a million and a half reasons to not do something. Life events, family needs, job needs can all get in the way very quickly. Once that happens, it’s okay to let things slide.

For example, we are still in the middle of a pandemic. It’s very easy to say “I can’t go to the gym. I can’t exercise. I’m going to gain weight during the pandemic.” It’s an excuse, but it’s also a logical one to make.

You need to fight the logical excuses here. Logical excuses are bullshit.

True, you can’t go to the gym right now. But, humanity has existed for hundreds of thousands of years. People have stayed fit through humanity and I don’t think gyms were a thing for most of humanity.

Kill your logical excuses by recognizing the other side of the logic. Yes, you can’t go to the gym now, but do you really need the gym to be fit?

I freely admit I made an excuse this past week to not write this case study.

I am sorry for that. Making this excuse was wrong. I was wrong. It won’t happen again.

What I did yesterday to make $10K a day at 30

The current phase of the plan

I’m in Phase #1:  The Job & Side Hustle Phase.  You can read more about the phases and my plan to get to $10K/a day at 30 here.

Wake up & sleep:

I woke up at 6:29 am after going to bed at 10:534, for a total amount of sleep of 7 hours and 27 minutes.

Recovery was at 46%, largely driven by the busy week I’ve had over the past week.

For that reason, I think it’s worth taking this day extremely slow-paced and getting in as much recovery as possible. It’s time to recover and take care of myself so I can attack this week as much as possible.


No exercise at all, which is okay.

I’ve been not writing this week, but  I’ve run an 8-mile loop twice this week so my exercise levels have increased pretty substantially.

Stress levels

I was at a 4/5, with 1 being the highest. Things are pretty laid back right now, which is great. I’m a huge fan of it.


Diet was coffee, some chicken and rice. I also had a popsicle. However, I did receive my shipment of  Care/of and Gainful so I can get back into a healthiness habit there.

3/5 with 1 being the best.

My Day Job

Nothing, it was Saturday.

Investment real estate

Nothing here today.

My Actual Business

I’ve been busy writing out the plan I’m using to start the business.

The whole point of this case study is transparency. If I’m not going to be transparent in my plan to start the business that is going to drive the bulk of my income, then there is no point in me even writing this case study.

I promise to be as transparent as possible as frequently as possible.

Side Consulting

I have a few projects going on now.

Business plan

No work as it was Saturday. I haven’t heard from this guy in a while so I hope he is okay.

Private Equity

This one is just about done.

Financial modeling

We had a phone call here. This one is just about done as well.


I’m collaborating with this team now and we’re in the thick of it. It’s been great thus far.

Sourcing new work

I had a great pitch call for what might end up being my largest project yet. This project alone will allow me to hit my objectives and goals for Q3 of 2020.

$10K/day website

Not much work here today.


Lots of time with my fiancee, the love of my life.


I bought a car! I spent some time on the phone with the dealership today to finalize.

Rescue Time Daily Screenshot

Today’s pro-rated amount of monthly & yearly expenses

Today’s Income (pre-tax)

Made  $518.43

My plan for tomorrow

Tomorrow I need to:

  • Some business plan work for my client
  • A meeting to review the modeling
  • Write a post for a recurring client
  • Do some moving stuff

Overall, it feels like a manageable plan for tomorrow and a good day to finish up with everything regarding the move.

1,627 days until I turn $30. I’m making $10K a day passively by then

Dean Woods

Dean Woods

Dean’s goal is to create $10,000/day in passive income through entrepreneurship. Too many people write “success porn” that skates over the struggles many face in entrepreneurship. His goal is to create something real that highlights the lack of sleep, disappointment from family, and setbacks you really face in entrepreneurship. The hope is that $10K a day swill inspire someone else out there to make their entrepreneurship dreams happen. Dean Woods is side hustling and working a full time job to kickstart his entrepreneurial path. Prior to this life, Dean was a management consultant. Dean graduated with honors from The Wharton School.

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