The $0-$10K/Day Case Study: Day 142

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I have a morning routine that stays fairly consistent each morning. I wake up, kiss my fiancee, make coffee, and then read on my iPad.

On my iPad, I go through the same group of notes within Evernote and then do a scan of Zillow to get to know a real estate market.

I’ve talked through what some of these notes are before, but one of the key ones for me is called “The Plan.”

The Plan is a check-box section, with ~4 things per quarter to accomplish for the next ~5  years.  The goal is to make $10K a day at 30, but there are sub-goals that need to be accomplished each quarter in order to stay on track. Reading through these each morning is extremely helpful to understand where I am,  where I’m going, and what I need to focus on to make sure this works.

As there are ~25 days left in the quarter, it’s time to start checking in with my goals for the quarter. The quarterly goals for Q2 2020 were:

  • Redesign $10K/day; daily posts (complete)
  • $40,000 in consulting income
  • Remove all debt (complete)

Right now, I have 2 of 3 things complete and I’m on track to bring in $40,000 in consulting income right now. If that holds, then I’m on track with my overall goal of $10K a day at 30.

I can’t screw this up. I’ve busted my ass to get on pace with this $10k a day at 30 goal. I need to continue to bust my ass to stay in on pace.

Yesterday there were 1,607 days until I turn 30 and need to make $10K a day passively. Here’s how I spent it in pursuit of that goal

The current phase of the plan

I’m in Phase #3:  The Business Phase.  You can read more about the phases and my plan to get to $10K/a day at 30 here.

I still consult, and  I still have a job. I’m looking forward to removing both of those ASAP.

Wake up & sleep:

I woke up at 6:59 am after going to bed at 10:25, for a total amount of sleep of 7 hours and 51 minutes. Recovery was 50%.

I’m feeling really good and like I was able to get more work done because I had a lot of rest in there. More rest = better earnings.

It sounds obvious, but the crazy thing to me is how real it is: more sleep means more money.


No workouts here, just a quick walk outside with the fiancee.

Stress levels

I was at a 3/5, with 1 being the highest. The added sleep helped take some of the stress off.


Diet was coffee, and cereal for dinner.

3/5 with 1 being the best. As usual, not great.

My Day Job

It was a Thursday. I did some work on the day job, and did some calls. Overall, it wasn’t that hard and  didn’t take that long.

Thank god!

Investment real estate

Nothing; just income!

My Actual Business

Nothing here today. I’ve been focusing on getting my existing clients over teh finish line right now.

Side Consulting

Some work here, but some things are also slowing down here.

Business plan

I did an hour or so of work here to finish things up, and hired my Powerpoint guy to make it pretty before shooting over to my guy

Financial modeling

My model guy did some clean up here, which I then sent over to the client. I didn’t hear back from them, but that’s okay.


Nothing today!

Summary presentation

I had a couple of phone calls here. These guys ended up agreeing to give me a lot more time and flexibility to get some work done, which was great. Under the terms, we agreed too, which essentially bought me a week or two to get shit done,

Market Research & Customer  Interviews

Today was a market research day but it was not the craziest day in the world. I very much appreciate that as it’s allowing me to catch back up on things.

Sourcing new work

There are a couple of other projects out there right now that I’m working on bringing in.

The short story is that I have a couple of big clients who had a good conversation with me, but haven’t signed on the dotted line. I need to gently follow up with these individuals to get them to sign up, but without bothering them.

I didn’t do any follow up today, but I may do so tomorrow.

$10K/day website

The daily post.





Rescue Time Daily Screenshot

The day felt longer for sure!

What I made today

Current Income  Streams

  • Job:  $170
  • Rental Income (13 rental units): $43
  • Framework: $250
  • Customer Interviews: $430
  • Writing assignment: $22

Total:  $915

Planned income streams

  • My Actual Busines
  • Local Serviced Based Business
  • Affiliate
  • WordPress Maintenance Site
  • Dividend Income
  • Micro-SAAS’s
  • Hotels

Today’s pro-rated amount of monthly & yearly expenses


Life Expenses: $89.73

  • Rent, utilities, Internet: $63.33
  • Phone Bill: $1.57
  • Heath Insurance: $8.90
  • Ladder Life Insurance: $0.83
  • TrueBill for Budget tracking: $0.10
  • Car: $15

My business expenses: $0.16

  • Bluehost Domain name: $0.16

Health Expenses: $12.00

  • Peloton: $3.20
  • Gainful Protein Powder: $1.80
  • Care/of Vitamin pack: $3.00
  • Whoop fitness tracker: $1.00

Productivity Expenses: $2.25

  • SuperHuman to save time on email: $1.00
  • Rescue Time to keep me honest on my productivity: $0.20
  • Fantastical as my main calendar: $0.20
  • Evernote to track everything: $0.27
  • Grammarly to keep my emails looking okay: $0.38
  • BackBlaze to keep my files backed up: $0.20

Consulting Business Expenses: $2

  • Gusto to pay myself: $1.50
  • Quickbooks to track expenses: $0.40
  • Google Business Email Account: $0.40
  • Fiverr for virtual support: $0

$10K a day: $12.42

  • Kinsta for hosting: $1.00
  • Bluehost for domain names: $0.03
  • WP Rocket for speed: $0.14
  • Link Whisper for SEO: $0.14
  • Elementor for site design: $0.14
  • Astra for theme: $0.14
  • Rhino Rank for SEO: $10.83

Real Estate Investing: $0.52

  • Legal Zoom Registered Agent (all LLC’s): $0.52

Today’s Income (pre-tax)

Topline of $915, spent $119, which means….

Made $796 (pre-tax)

My plan for tomorrow

Tomorrow is Friday, and hopefully a very simple day for me.

  • Some finish up work on the business plan
  • A couple calls for my market analysis work
  • Some day job work (slides)
  • Som $10K work on interlinking the website (trying to use Link Whisper a lot more since I paid for it)

1,606 days until I turn $30. I’m making $10K a day passively by then

Dean Woods

Dean Woods

Dean has started multiple businesses, with two successes to date. Outside of starting businesses, Dean & his wife buy multifamily real estate and will soon start buying businesses. This case study is meant to cover the daily struggles it actually takes to be an entrepreneur & serve as a giant middle finger to the 'gurus' in rented Lamborghinis. Dean is an Alum of Boston Consulting Group and The Wharton School. He and his wife live in Chicago with their children

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