The Role of Self Discipline in Success



Regular people think that every millionaire has either been born one or has their own secret when, in fact, every one of them shares one major thing whichIlike to call a “millionaire mindset.” A “millionaire mindset” requires you to rely more on intuition, to become more assertive and honest with yourself and focus on what you want and take it. Remember, millionaires, play to win.

A millionaire’s mindset is built upon self-discipline and motivation. Self-discipline is developed over time asIare not born with it. Learning how to remain focused on your goals and not abandon them right after encountering the first setback. This is what the aim of the book is to help lay down the foundation for self-discipline.

The following chapters will help you understand why self-discipline is the central pillar on which success is built as well as how to implement it into your life.






























Chapter 1: Opportunity opens doors, but self-discipline is the key

In reading the lives of great men, I found that the first victory they won was over themselves… self-discipline with all of them came first. – Harry S Truman


Self-discipline is the best strategy that can be implemented into your developmental process to become successful in your career as well as life. Discipline gives us the ability to do the thingsIneed to do ifIwish to achieve our goal even during the momentsI”do not feel like it.” It takes us out of our comfort zone and stops procrastination that affects most of us. Laziness creeping into our lives without us even realizing it. It starts stealing away from our precious time, making us delay or even worse abandon our goals completely, whichImay feel sorry or even regret, later on. This can only lead up to a potential depression and a miserable life in the long term. The comfort zone is basically letting yourself be open on the flanks just because you feel safe. Once you allow this to happen, everything that you had worked for up until that moment, goes to waste. It is of utmost importance thatIbecome spontaneous and original so thatIcan surprise ourselves and others, as well as progress in our already set goals/objectives.

Self-discipline begins with motivation. You need to motivate yourself, tell yourself, “Do it Now!” some of the most powerful words that will push you to start doing what you promised yourself you would. Start repeating the same thing to yourself, and your mind starts believing in it; in time, it will act as a trigger. Auto-suggestion is a potent mental tool that could be the starting point when it comes to controlling your volatile mind, where words act like a whip to your unwanted thoughts. Thoughts become words, and those words will turn into actions, those actions, in time, becoming habits that will form your character. It should be used in difficult times whenIfeel unmotivated to continue our purpose. Changing our minds due to the lack of proper motivation happens whenInotice that hard work is not as hard asIthought. That is the reasonIhave to push ourselves as well as control our thoughts and keep on going because the beginning is always the hardest.

Take, for example, the case whenIdecide to keep a diet to lose weight. How many times haveItold ourselves, “Starting Monday, I will not eat chocolate, I will start that project, I will focus on getting my grades improved, etc..”, but then the weekend came.Iallowed ourselves to bake a delicious cake just becauseIfelt like going back to the way of lifeIhad until then, andIwill eventually neglect the diet for the whole week. Or maybeIwatched movies all day and basically just canceled all of our plans thatIlong-fully planned some time ago simply becauseIlet our guard down just for a few minutes. These are some shameful experiences most of us go through at some point in our lives. However, progress needs to continue just soIcan avoid the mentioned situations, andImay never learn ifIkeep failing and doing the same things over and over again.

How many times have you heard your friend say something along the lines of “Next week I will fix that project car,” “Next week I must start going to the gym,” “Next week I will wake up early.” Of course, it is easier said than done. Still, if you transform those thoughts into actions if you change the “Monday” into “Now,” and push yourself by focusing on the plan, using repetitive phrases to alter one’s thought process which you find yourself caged in, You will have a high chance of staying on the desired path and achieving anything you set your mind to.

From almost every success story told today,Ilearn that self-discipline has been the key, always present in each story. It has turned around the lives of many people into better, most of them succeeding what they proposed to themselves. Even pushing their limits to furthermore, thus also getting them famous. From artists to professional athletes to successful businessmen, you will find that they did not get lucky overnight. They set a goal or smaller objectives for training their minds at the beginning and remained on the same page of the book to reach them. The desire and proper motivation to achieve greatness will set you in motion and give you the ability to focus. Once you start concentrating on your goals, you will reach a higher frequency that will make you feel that much more powerful. Much more than what you initially thought about yourself, thus letting you reach the desired result. But you will need to make that decision and stick to it!

As Alburt Camus once said, our lives are the sum total of the choicesIhave made. So every successful person is defined by his self-discipline and his ability to take a chance, make a decision, and not give it up before it starts working. Most of us are waiting for someone else to come and motivate us, to show us the pathIshould take, to save us. But actually, that someone lives inside all of us, that is why self-discipline starts with you. It is something that needs to be built over time, just like a sandcastle; however, this sandcastle won’t crumble. It is made out of concrete! Start taking control of your life instead of listening to the voices in your head, which tells you to choose the easy way out. Become goal-oriented, set firm objectives to achieve anything, and that will attract everything necessary for your goals to manifest themselves.


Your way to building self-discipline

AsIsaid before, things do not change overnight, and self-discipline needs to be built. You can start with small steps to consolidate your trust in yourself and build upwards from there. It may be slow, but slow and steady wins the race. If, let’s say,Istart reading 100 pages at once or deadlift 100kg from the start without getting ready first,Iwill immediately get tired and quit beforeIeven began. ThereforeIneed to set smart goals for ourselves, with a realistic target that can be measured and timed. You will sometimes feel control slipping away from you, and those vicious voices which tell you to take the easy way out will become louder or will just make your mind wander away into the unwanted. But you only need to stop for a moment, clear your mind, be aware of the situation and evaluate things, then make a decision in the right direction.


Below are some simple exercises to help you get started:


  1. Try to give up watching TV every night or in the morning when you drink your coffee. Instead of spending time in front of the tv or mobile phone, invest in yourself, read a book, or set goals for the day.


  1. Drink water instead of juice. Not only is it healthier, but it will also help detox your body and mind.


  1. Whenever your alarm goes off in the morning, and you feel like you cannot get out of bed, start by counting down from five to one and once you reach zero, simply stand up and start off your day. It might sound like a hoax, but it has been proven to work by professional psychologists.


  1. Try to go to bed earlier. Start with 15 minutes before you usually do and you will soon enough see that it becomes a habit; You will start going to bed at the desirable time. Your body and mind will thank you as you will wake up more rested.


  1. Make your bed every morning. It may be a simple thing, but it will start your day off right, and the rest will go much smoother.


These aren’t hard exercises, but you will notice how they help motivate you more and more every single day. Soon enough, they will help you achieve your inner strength and also help you take control of your life. Repeating the same objectives every day will become a habit that will guide you even further to the path of self-discipline which you are trying to achieve.

The next step is to have a serious conversation with yourself. Ask yourself – why do I want to have a healthier lifestyle? So you can live even longer. Why do I need to be more organized? So that you can stop wasting time on meaningless little things, and you can focus more on your way to becoming a millionaire. This will motivate you even further, and it will help you maintain a positive mental attitude. Motivation is an essential pillar of discipline, but the concentration is just as important, as you need to remain focused on the goals you set for yourself.

Another important aspect of self-discipline is rewarding yourself. You need to give yourself something to be excited about by planning a reward when you accomplish a goal. Anticipation is a powerful psychological tool that will make you driven and much more goal-oriented. In other words, you will stop focusing on the hard work you are doing now because it only takes so long until you reach your goal.

Lastly, be aware that small steps only mean that you are making long term progress, nothing happens overnight. This may demotivate you. You need to remember thatIsometimes simply fall short, and everyone has had their own ups and downs, but the key here is to forgive yourself and move on. Acknowledge what went wrong and try to correct it. You do not have time to feel sorry for yourself, you do not have time to complain, you only need to keep on pressing. So do not compare your success and your journey to somebody else’s, everyone is on a different path. Believe in yourself and everything will fall into place.









Chapter 2: Making money by saving money

He who buys what he doesn’t need, steals from himself. – Swedish Proverb


Today society pushes people to consume products and influences us to buy certain brands that are almost always more expensive. In most cases,Ido not need them.Iare brainwashed from an early age by commercials and social media networks that make us follow the flock. Self-discipline is a proven way of countering that. Being aware of who you are is what takes you out of the most common mentalities.

Have you ever wondered why millionaires stay millionaires? They don’t remain millionaires by spending their fortune, which they worked on. They usually tend to be frugal people, as they know the value of money. Besides that, not saving money is easy, and if everyone thought that reaching a goal is easy, they could not be more wrong. Self-discipline will help you become aware of the power that money holds. It will be the key to reducing your unnecessary spendings, avoiding debts, and growing your savings. You need to realize that you have the freedom and the power to choose between the right thing and what your impulse tells you to do.

Saving money, hard-working, and self-discipline over extended periods will help you achieve financial success. Instead of acting on the impulse of buying a brand new iPad that will do the exact same thing as your old one, try to invest your money into something which can bring you a profit. You need to be disciplined and aware that those hard-earned bucks have a much higher purpose and value than a vacation or a brand new phone. After all, you worked a full month or even more to get them. Don’t spend them on unnecessary luxuries that may not bring you any closer to your goal.


The 3 most essential aspects and some memorable quotes you need to learn and remember regarding self-discipline with money are the following.


  1. The earning will not come fast, and our financial success will not happen overnight. Try to concentrate on developing yourself more than spending money on unnecessary items;


  1. Control your emotions so that they do not control you; Sometimes, you may feel that you are treating yourself, and that is a good thing when it comes to maintaining the health of your mind. But make sure you are not overdoing it.


  1. Take responsibilities. At times you will find yourself wasting money or investing and losing your profit. AsIpreviously said, acknowledge what went wrong so that you can learn from it and take a look at the previous aspects as well.


Those 3 perspectives combined will lead you to a prosperous life and a healthy mindset. One with the other is not possible, and everything you achieved until now can disappear just like that.



Strategies to save money:


You need to learn self-discipline in managing your expenses and knowing how important it is to realize that you own the money, money doesn’t own you. Also, as someone said, “We are not poor,Iare just broke.” One quick and simple way to save money is by planning your monthly budget. What is the cost of expenses, plan a budget for your groceries as well as necessary shopping. This way, you can track your money and see where you can save up even more.

Every successful person knows that you must build up an emergency fund in case things go south. Before going shopping, always make a list and discipline yourself to stick to that list. Most of the timeIbuy more thanIcan eat. Did you know that almost 48% of our food goes to waste because of that? Hunt for the best offers that supermarkets have and put your eye out for discounts. Search in any of your local markets for fresh products as usually the prices are lower than the supermarket and the products may be even of better quality too. Do not order food or go out to dinner every weekend, but rather prepare your own meal at home. It will save you money and also give you a sense of achievement, besides improving your cooking skills.

As the technology is improving and making life much more comfortable, it also makes us lazier. Partially disconnecting from the internet as well as other people for short periods is a good thing most of the time. Going for a walk in nature or doing some exercises will detach you a bit from the ongoing stressful life that may overwhelm you. It will also relax your mind so that you can have a clear vision of your goals.

Besides the ideas mentioned earlier, give yourself a bit of a hard time when purchasing anything online by removing any auto-fill features for your credit cards. In turn, it will make you get up, search for your wallet, get the card details, fill them in, and by the time you did that, you may start to realize that you do not want that product anymore. When choosing your rent, don’t splurge on expensive apartments in trendy neighborhoods. If you have the opportunity, choose to live at reasonably priced locations and save up money to buy your own house.

There is a tendency today to take out credit cards and finance a lavish lifestyle, to have the best and coolest gadgets, outfits, cars, and so on. But most of it is an illusion as the majority becomes so indebted that they find themselves in a situation of being unable to pay back. A more common example is the student debts, taken out to cover university expenses. Debts that most students will have to pay for many years to come even after finishing their education. So instead of choosing a college or a major, that seems fun and easy but at the same time costly, choose one that will enable you to realize a good living with the ability to grow. As well as one that will also allow you to have a part-time job or a full-time one if you can, so you can also pay your debt.

One other tip on saving money is using only cash and leaving your credit cards at home. This way, you cannot spend more money than you set your budget to. Avoid going out every weekend, going to the club, or throwing parties. You may think that you are young, and if you do not enjoy yourself now, then when? But with the right discipline, you will soon realize all your sacrifices will pay off. While your other friends are enjoying themselves now, you are already setting yourself up for the future. Investing your money in stock markets is another way of saving and increasing your cash. Remember, millionaires, save money not just for the sake of money, but to also invest further on and grow their profit over time even more.

It may seem like hard work at the beginning, but actually saving money is easy to do if you have the right discipline, alongside some creativity and imagination. And remember hard work turns F’s to A’s, losers into winners and regular people into millionaires.








































Chapter 3: Take care of your body, and your body will take care of you

The foundation of success in life is good health: that is the substratum fortune; it is also the basis of happiness. A person cannot accumulate a fortune very well when he is sick.

– P. T. Barnum


How many times did you think, “This year, I will finally start going to the gym and get into shape. ” But lacked the actual motivation to do so or postponed it until you forgot about it? A distinguished professor of psychology, Angela Duckworth, once said that “At moments of high motivation levels, you have to make specific plans about what you are going to do in the future when motivation is likely lower. ” As said before, there will be many times when the voices inside of your head will want you to take the easy way out, stay on your couch and watch male or female models while dreaming about having their bodies. With the right discipline, you will start working out whether you feel motivated or not. That is why it is so important to apply discipline in every aspect of your life.

Firstly, determine why you desire to lose weight; making a list will help you stay more motivated in reaching your goals. The reasons will have to be thoroughly thought out since not everything can motivate you in the same way, nor can that motivation last forever.

Secondarily, the advice you will hear most often is to set a goal for yourself. But this can lead to frustration as your body and metabolism may react differently to the diets and exercises you choose. So start simple, with small steps. Otherwise, you will overheat yourself in the face of failure from trying to get a big chunk done when you are not supposed to, at the beginning. After you manage to complete your schedule multiple times a day/week/month, you can start increasing your workload. As for the diet, do not change it entirely overnight, but instead, start by changing one meal and start by eating one healthy meal each day. This will help you build a habit and help you improve your entire diet overtime. Do not go to the gym and exercise for one hour just for the sake of exercise. It will seem like too much, and it will lower your motivation to continue, which then will impact your morale as well. Instead, go to the gym, work hard for 30 minutes, and go home. You can accomplish more by working hard for 30 minutes or so then by walking around the gym for an hour.

Thirdly, keep a weight loss journal, as with every goal, measuring and monitoring it is crucial to your motivation and success. Find the best tools to help you track down everything you eat and every workout you complete, there are lots of websites and apps that can help you do that. Of course, the most reliable one would be pen and paper. In other aspects of your life, you have to celebrate your successes and give yourself some credit for it, but you must keep your ego in check, put your head down, and stay humble.

Fourthly, it has been proven that a friend can also be helpful, and you can motivate and discipline each other throughout the process. As humans,Ineed regular support and positive feedback. On the days your friend feels down, you are there for him, and on the days you feel like you can’t do it anymore, he is there to push you even further.

Lastly, everyone responds differently to diet and exercise, and everybody is built differently. Your progress can look different if you compare it with someone else’s. You do not have to be demotivated by it since everyone grows in their own way. Do not aim for perfection and forgive yourself when you make a mistake, learn to love, and appreciate your body. You should not compare yourself to models, instead focus on yourself, and in time, you will start to look like a model.











































Chapter 4: Becoming the best version of yourself

I was taught to strive not because there were any guarantees of success but because the act of striving is in itself the only way to keep faith with life.

― Madeleine Albright, Madam Secretary: A Memoir


What you may notice while observing successful people, millionaires or celebrities, is that they can have good self-control no matter the situation. And self-discipline plays an important role. Without discipline and without conditioning yourself to become the best version of yourself, you can watch as many motivational talks, videos, and speeches without actually seeing results. In today’s society, where everything is influenced by the internet, segregation and racism seem to be at an all-time high, it is easier to become angrier, grumpier, and even depressed. But change comes and starts within you and as the saying goes, “Be the change you want to see in the world. ” Begin changing yourself so that you can change the world around you.             Recognize your responsibility to make things happen. Start by changing your sleeping regime; once your body is rested, you will wake up more energetic and cheerful, ready to take on the day. You will also feel happier, which will give you the necessary patience to deal with difficult situations in everyday life. Do the things that make you happy and not the things that everyone expects you to do. Do not let yourself be pressured and be your own person. Sometimes, without even realizing it, the people around us do more damage than good. And sometimes they will influence your emotions, not in a positive way either, so you are becoming more and more stressed, as you race to please everybody.

Your past must not define your present nor your future. The past is exactly what its name says, the past, something that has happened. Learn from it, embrace it, and forgive yourself for it, make it a platform from where you can build your present and your future.Isometimes let ourselves dwell on the past and the memories too much thatIbecome haunted by them, and it attracts all the negative emotions in our lives. Remember that the past is a lesson, the present a gift, and the future is a mystery. Learn to respect yourself. You cannot respect others until you learn to do that with yourself. Respect yourself so others will start respecting you, but set your limits and do not bend those limits for anyone.

Learn to listen before jumping to a conclusion.Isometimes make rash decisions, andIdo not know how to listen. As previously mentioned, acting on an impulse will just make you controlled by your feelings. Despite it relieving you from the pain inside, it will only make you act less rational and, thus, losing a battle from the start if you do so. There are multiple other ways for you to control your feelings. Such as looking from a different perspective for the specific situation that will not make you react on your emotions, or going out in nature and meditating. There isn’t a single that doesn’t have a solution got a solution. Do not let yourself be held down by your circumstances and conditions, but instead take the initiative and overcome them.

Set yourself as an example, be authentic, and people will follow. Be kind and considerate to others, as sometimes people need a person who really understands their problems. Like everyone else, there may be a time when you will need someone by your side. This will help with your success. Understanding the issues of your community can help you build a business that could create more jobs in a neighborhood where people are looking for work. Being grateful for whatIreceive and for our lives is what can keep us fueled during the odd situations life puts us through.













































Self-discipline is like a superpower. You have to find what motivates, what your proper reasons are, and, of course, the purposes of your actions. Realize that what you are doing is not brute work, ignoring your problems will only make things worse. If you can find pleasure in what you are doing, you will not work for a day in your life, and it is gonna be just a hobby. So start by taking small actions and push yourself. Keep yourself interested and aware of the news in the field of work you are planning to thrive in. Try to find new ideas and innovate what exists already so you can get a glimpse of the feeling of progress. Use the concepts of pleasure that you find in other activities to keep yourself afloat and push through it. Fake the interest and the passion if you have to, don’t back down to what you once were just because it seems hard at the moment. It is a new experience for you and if you just let the whole plan fall through while making excuses for yourself, the entire experience was just a waste of time. It is gonna be a significant fraction of your regrets.

Focus on getting the small parts done after dividing big tasks, like doing the taxes you’ve kept delaying to do. You will see that it only takes a couple of minutes if you take them one by one, or running for 10 minutes and then again for another 10 minutes. Small takes can help you get better at self-discipline and will create habits that will grow in time for you to accomplish even much bigger tasks without having to split them.

We must avoid making hard decisions, andImust push ourselves into discomfort, as it is the only way to grow. Did you know that only a percentage of people all around the globe ( less than 10% ) don’t make decisions for themselves and are waiting for someone else to help them? So when others run, stay strong, and confront your challenges. Sometimes it helps if you change your focus a little, working out to be in a healthy condition can not be just for you, meditate not only for your peace, but to help other discover themselves by watching you achieve your goals. Do not feel sorry for yourself or get discouraged by a mistake or by failure. If you failed, it means that you tried, so it is a step in the right direction compared to others who didn’t even begin. The loser is not the one who failed, the loser is the one who failed and stopped trying.

The key to self-discipline is to think long term, to plan for the future, avoid unnecessary mindsets and reactions to stressful situations. Giving up certain things to achieve your goals should not make you think less of yourself, and you should never compare yourself and your success with anyone else. Always remember, Rome was not built in a day, so learn to embrace that like every big empire, it takes time and work to be built.




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